Crisis In America

Today’s America is faced with multiple challenges that are impossible for anyone to escape. I can’t breathe. Black Lives Matter. Not my president. George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. COVID-19. Brionna Taylor. Pandemic. Impeachment. Democrat. Republican. Socialism. These names and phrases spark controversy and a range of emotions including rage, hurt, sadness and sometimes even hopelessness. Get your autographed copy of Crisis in America today!




How can 21st century followers of Christ react the same as nonbelievers? How can they recognize the areas in which God could be calling them into our country’s combative culture war? How should they respond to national crises the way Jesus would? What is the Church’s role in initiating and facilitating racial healing and reconciliation in the cities and towns across our great land? Crisis in America: A Christian Response answers these questions and challenges Christians and nonbelievers alike to go against the natural tendency to be influenced by the culture and the headlines and develop a God-inspired view to the turmoil of today.



Speaks to the racial injustice and long-standing issues that divide our country into two parties. All while speaking from a Christian perspective.


Crisis In America is hard to put down, once you have started reading. The first chapter will have you hooked.


Focus on the heartbeat of issues in the United States. The book is honest and cultivates the range of emotions that are flooding our country.

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He powerfully addresses some of the issues of our times, and gives sound, biblical wisdom for understanding them, and overcoming them.

Morning Star Ministries

Crisis in America, A Christian Response is something every Christian and non-Christian should read.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Garland Hunt is among those voices we most need to hear right now. This is more than a book. It's a treatise on faith and following Jesus in this cultural movement, and it tackles head-on that which would most divide us.

Colson Center
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